About Us

Know Us

AutoDice is a Learning Hub where you can learn with practical hands-on experience be it Robotics, Game Development, Programming, Android Development, Blockchain, and many more.

AutoDice provides high quality and hands-on experience for each students so that they stay on par with the industrial requirements from time to time. We understand the importance of personal attention so we choose limited number of seats per batch. We recreate and re-engineer the existing syllabus and make it clear for the students to understand, recall, and implement. Students at AutoDice have the liberty to choose if they want to learn a course in-depth as an Internship program or just want to have an Introductory Seminar or Workshop.

Our Belief

AutoDice has been a firm believer in SPEED when it comes to the progress of its students.

Personal Attention

Our Vision

To Build an Aura of Edutainment that would imbibe Global opportunities for companies to come and hire students from our Nation.

To introduce a new Algorithm for success for existing Training and Educational Institutes across the globe.

To re-engineer the fabrics of corporate Training and provide Companies with proficient employees.

To offer a helping hand for students of all ages who cannot afford a Corporate training.

Our Mission

To provide quality hands-on experience for grads and undergrads of all backgrounds.

Equip students with a high skill that makes them competent with Industry standards.

To provide a Quality Training Partnership that every Educational Institute demands.

To stand with Voluntary organizations that share a common aim and desire with us for Quality education.